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At dt|FX, we’ve automated fills for ALL market orders. The system performs a real time margin check and instantaneously returns a trade confirmation. Why is this important to you? Automation… more

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Broker DTFX
Website URL http://www.dtfx.com/
Headquarters USA
Minimum 1st Deposit $500
Bonus CFTC
Leverage 200:1
Leverage 200:1
Free Demo Account Yes
Regulated Yes
Regulation CFTC
MT4 Yes
Overall Score Not Rated

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At dt|FX, we’ve automated fills for ALL market orders. The system performs a real time margin check and instantaneously returns a trade confirmation. Why is this important to you? Automation means there’s NO manual dealer intervention & NO requoting.

Many forex firms claim to offer “real time executable prices” or “live dealing rates”. What these other firms don’t say is that they only allow customers to initiate a trade request from the quote. Their dealers review trade requests manually, giving them the opportunity to reject any deal and requote a new price. Invariably, requotes tend to occur at the most inopportune of times, when you can least afford it. If you are subject to price requotes, the dealer is likely manipulating the price in their favor. Ask yourself, when was the last time you received a requote in your favor?

As a dt|FX client you won’t wait even a few seconds for a fill or have to endure requotes. It’s that simple!

Limited Risk – No Negative Balances

At dt|FX, your risk is only limited to funds on deposit. Our margin policy eliminates concerns about debit balances by guaranteeing that you will never owe more than you have in your account.**

Up to 200: 1 Leverage

dt|FX offers a flexible margin policy that allows you to choose the leverage that’s right for you – all the way up to 200:1!

The leverage available in forex is one of the main advantages of this market, especially for futures and stock traders. Higher leverage is possible because of unparalleled size of the Forex market – at over $1.8 trillion a day, the volume of the Forex market dwarfs the U.S equity markets by more than 30x. The sheer amount of transactions done every day in the Forex market makes it highly liquid, which in turn causes price stability. These three factors support the use of higher leverage.

The higher the leverage, the more buying power you have. Leverage increases your total return on investment – with less cash outlay. Of course, trading on margin magnifies both your profits AND your losses.

Choice of 3 Robust Trading Platforms for Desktop, Remote
and Wireless Trading

dt|FX offers two platforms for desktop trading: FOREXTrader and FOREXTrader.web. Both offer a secure and robust environment in which to trade and manage your account. And with FOREXTrader.wireless, you can also access your account using your web-enabled phone, PDA, or Blackberry.

Best of all, one user ID and password gives you access to all three trading platforms. The result? As a dt|FX client, you’ll benefit from maximum flexibility and full access to your trading account, no matter where you are.

Superior System Stability and Reliability

At dt|FX, we realize our clients are highly dependant on the availability of our systems. We maintain a powerful and highly fault tolerant server farm that is specifically designed to support our 24-hour trading environment, with 100% uptime. Our systems employ a LIVE-LIVE horizontal redundancy model in their design and execution, and a team of system infrastructure specialists provide round the clock system support. Redundant systems extend beyond just technology; our entire trading floor has been replicated at a disaster recovery site within 10 minutes of our primary site.

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